Friday, January 9, 2009

Flashing: They Made Me Do It

A WebPress Feature Special: Confessions of the Queen Brandie

I have a confession. Social Median made me into a flasher. Others have always tried to get me to do it, but I never did. Now, they have my trust, they are the only platform who will ever get my flashes. Now, we will flash brands for our talent to the world, using a web-media platform introducing a cast of up & coming sports stars- who care about others....just 'cause we can.

Change Campaigns work because things change. Brands, on the other hand, live or die by the need from the media/community at that particular time. I am no Obama fan, but he has given the people what they want, access to him.

Admittedly, I never looked at Scobelizer's site until today. He was just a guy on Twitter that everyone wanted to follow and was always touted so much that I rebelled against even going to his site. I didn't even have the desire to find out what he was about, until he went with a product that wasn't mainstream...I like people like that. I can identify, so I checked him out. See, he has something I need for work. He has it figured out, the business behind the internet. My clients (talent representation) will benefit from how he has things set up on his site, his own TV channel, interviewing people and staying connected with his audience. However, it's just him. There's significant power in numbers. His numbers. These are the statistics I need to sell the big deals for my clients. Thank you, Scobelizer.

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